BESPA is the pioneer company in Partnering Industry and Medical Professionals.

Our mission is to improve the quality of care on the front line - Doctor to Patient.


BESPA offers medical professionals a resource to handle all non revenue and potentially revenue generating opportunities outside of their ‟Daily Practices”. We are a unified team with a common goal of evaluating and studying problems and then formulating solutions. 

BESPA offers Client Companies access to HCP's who are the industry leaders in their respective fields.  Whether it be for R&D, Education, Product Evaluation or Design. BESPA consultants are vetted to ensure no cross contamination of ideas or confidentiality issues occur.

A single point of contact streamlines the processes of contracts, billing, single or multiple team selection, and contracts with a company who has expertise in all areas.

BESPA is an organization comprised of the leading:

→ Thinkers, Innovators and Decision Makers in their respective fields.

→ Educators, Researchers, and Designers in their respective fields.