BESPA offers to clients on a single or long term basis a clean evaluation of new or existing products. There is a significant advantage to going outside of their “in house” consultant base for a honest, non-affiliated opinion.

This is the true test on what the market really feels about a potential new product or service. BESPA’s broad base of consultants enable the client to choose the level of expertise required for their “BETA Team” evaluation.


BESPA services in 3rd Party Evaluation include:

  • Advise the Company on its relations with the required specialty as well as major clinical and educational institutions.

  • Advise the Company on multiple products lines acquired through acquisitions.

  • Assist the Company in soliciting new product concepts and identifying unmet technology needs.

  • Review and assess the clinical value and potential risk of proposed new Product Development Programs.

  • Review and comment on marketing strategy and major programs, as well as the surgical training resources offered by the Company.