BESPA EDUCATION - "Merging the Perspectives of Industry and Medical Professionals”™


BESPA's broad base of the worlds leading HCPs  provide an unmatched  resource to provide input in the education of patients, industry sales forces, peer medical professionals, students and residents. BESPA can match the education requirements for all levels of requests, from Internationally recognized experts to regional experts depending on the event.

In addition we believe our ideas are imperative in  assisting industry in the clarification of product design and development with education emphasizing  a patient focused outcome of higher quality medical care. In summary, our focus is to deliver products, and education from the doctor’s perspective to market.

We offer training and Seminars to:

  • Industry Sales  Personnel
  • Industry Design and Engineering teams
  • Peer Surgeons on techniques and applications
  • General Education of specific topic requests

We can tailor our course and case material around your specific needs.

BESPA is now offering Sales and Engineering courses in Orthopaedics.  The course material was designed and developed by a team of world renowned BESPA consultants, who, after having spent years training industry sales personnel, developed an innovative course designed by surgeons to advance the training of their sales and engineering professionals. What they want to know - what they expect their reps to know –and how to get that information to them in a concise manner.

The result? A program that provides insight to their needs from a client perspective, which builds a strong core knowledge base beyond Corporate Product Training, in addition to offering personal tips on how to develop insightful professional relationships to promote better patient care. Two formats are offered, General and Advanced .

These Courses have a very limited class size, with a Surgeon to student ratio of 6:1. Durations are 2-5 days in length, depending on course material, and lab requirements. Training facility is in Dallas Texas. Contact BESPA for more details.