BESPA is an orthopaedic and medical device consultant firm. We specialize in product development and design for the orthopaedic industry, specifically for those products pertinent to the musculoskeletal system. Our consultants include a team of specialized and renowned orthopaedic surgeons from across the United States who are actively involved in research, development and education. BESPA also serves as an Orthopaedic consulting/focus group resource for a select number of industry related corporations.

Product or idea verification is especially important for products using new technologies. Potential investors or corporate R&D funds can have a significant investment at stake on the success of a new product. Many want to be assured that the idea or product that they are introducing is a viable, and marketable addition to the global marketplace. Our think tank approach assures that a product or idea is thoroughly evaluated.

BESPA will also attend or host labs, review specific techniques, and publish in industry publications if so approved by our clients. If your product has already received it's patent, and passed through the FDA, our company will work with your marketing, product development and design teams to help design the approach best suited for your products entry into the global marketplace.