Client companies enjoy immediate access to medical professionals in their respective fields, whether it is a single individual or a design team.


To protect the client, BESPA consultants are vetted to insure that no cross contamination occurs from  past development projects or contractual agreements which may exist. BESPA consultants realize that they are working as a company to fulfill clients needs, not as an individual entity. For design teams, where multiple consultants are required from BESPA, we work with clients to choose the best possible mix of talents that will fulfill the different stages of Product Development, from idea generation through market introduction. The consultants will all contribute their individual ideas on the project, but will be working together as a team with the same goal-the project, but without personal initiatives.

The method used by BESPA in this process virtually eliminates the possibility of the project being composed of a dysfunctional group of individuals. However, should a client be unsatisfied with the results of one of their consultants, BESPA will replace them, without question, with no “political consequences” attached.

BESPA understands that New Product Design and Development is more often than not a crucial factor in the success of a company. The medical industry that is changing fast due to:

  • New Governmental Requirements
  • Continuous Technology change and development
  • Competitors Innovation
  • Changing preferences of customers

So in order to survive, one must continually revise their design and range of products. An R&D alliance with BESPA allows both parties to pursue a set of agreed goals while remaining independent organizations, combining their knowledge to create new and innovative products.

 BESPA interfaces with industry in three separate ways for Product Development.

1. BESPA submitted ideas to Industry leaders for Co-Development.
2. Industry submitted requests to BESPA for new projects to complement their current product mix.
3. Re-design and updates of existing products in order to keep pace with market trends in order to satisfy the needs, demands and desires of their customers.

Clients have discovered that their relationship with BESPA significantly reduces the time in all of the stages in the development process, thus bringing the product to the market faster and at a lower overall cost.