BESPA has the best legal team available who specialize in compliance matters, they keep us informed regarding the changing requirements in this area.

BESPA interacts daily with the compliance departments of our corporate clients.

Our legal team is comprised of Former DOJ monitors and compliance attorneys. For years their advice has been invaluable to BESPA and their clients in structuring solid business relationships.

In this ever compliant world in which we do business, it is best to not utilize any of your employer’s resources, such as staff, emails, etc. to conduct affairs outside of your daily business activities. We are a turn-key resource that you refer all ‟outside inquires” for your time or services. This draws a hard line between these activities, in your practice, your partners, or your employer, protecting both you and your ‟daytime job” from any potential comingling of resources.

We interface between industry and medical professionals to protect both our consultants and clients in this ever changing environment of complex compliance guidelines and corporate policies resulting from recent DOJ actions within the industry, while assuring our members are adhering to the current AdvaMed and EcoMed Guidelines.