BESPA has and negotiated  with industry and consultants more contracts than anyone in the world. BESPA’s record from years of writing, reviewing, and negotiating industry consulting and product development contracts is unparalleled In terms of success and volume. The knowledge base acquired, invaluable. Contractual negotiations should protect our consultants as well as our clients interests, ensuring that all contracts are not only ‟compliant” but offer the best possible terms to both parties.

Contracts sometimes take years to negotiate and bring to a conclusion, and with that a significant investment is made in terms of capital and internal resources.  Over the years BESPA has invested those resources to develop the proper legal structure for contracts which adhere to the rules which are now required in order to work within the current DOJ and AdvaMed guidelines, this investment has not only been for the benefit of our members, but for our clients as well. Both parties enjoy the results of this investment and the expertise acquired. To ensure our cross platform structure, Industry signs our contract for engagement, we do not sign theirs. This assures that we have the proper legal foundations built among our contractual base.

After a contract is signed, it still must be managed. Terms and conditions may change, companies may be sold, industry contacts will move to other positions or companies. BESPA will continue to oversee the day to day, year to year requirements that are required  to ensure the business relationship between all parties remains strong.

The substantial size of consultants in our base allows BESPA to be an invaluable resource for setting industry standards of engagement and  FMV rates for our qualified members.